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Modern Hanging Art Mobiles and Stabiles for Home, Office, Garden and Baby
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Artist Statement

Having both parents (Donald and Barbara Frith) as professional artists in the art world influenced me early in life to appreciate modern art, design and structure. Ever since I was a child, I have always had an admiration for Alexander Calder and his art mobiles and paintings. After personally viewing his work in museums and art galleries around the world, I was intrigued by his balance of shapes and design with the added "fun" feeling as I watched the mobiles move in space. I started making mobiles in the late 1960's for fun as a kid. I have learned to make my own style of mobile art: I work with a plastic medium that I have found to be light in weight, colorful and very durable. Calder made his mobiles with metals, I felt as a woman this was too heavy for me to manipulate. I also felt plastics were clean, fun to look at, modern and different. The internet has made a new world for me. I work everyday on my website, updating, taking new photos, and corresponding daily with my clients. The majority of my work is shown in private homes, but I do have some in galleries, hospitals, corporate businesses and science museums. Making mobiles makes me happy, and I hope when you see them, you get this uplifting spirit too! Feel free to go to my website to view my latest work. as always...enjoy! Julie

Julie Frith Mobile Artist


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