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I really enjoy making custom mobiles for clients. Each mobile is an original piece handmade at the time of the order. The best way to give me direction is... I need the approx. room space size, and the height of the room. Other things to consider would be, lighting, room decor, furniture style, art on walls, colors around the area. Please email me a photo of the space needing the mobile. I love to take a photo and place a mobile to fit (see "ideas"). I also can give you mockups other than the ones shown on my site. Like I say...just ask, I'll see if I can do it!

Email me
with any questions

colorize it!To see each designin more color combiations choose the "colorize it!" button,located on each mobile/ stabile page. Each mobile has a colorizer, if you don't have Flash, you can download it free.  Javascript must be "ON" to work. Click the colorizer button and a flash design will open.  Click the number line to see a variety of 21 color combinations.

Note: I will not do reproductions or copies of other artist mobiles or stabiles, ever.

Need an XXXL 20'- 50' Mobile, or 12' Stabile OUTDOOR SCULPTURE? All are possible.  I can custom design or use any of my designs and have them made by a metal artist who makes these type of contructions...into power-coated metal sculptures any size.  I would need dimensions and I can get you a quote.
Note: color #23 is a blank mobile outline for you to tell me which colors go where. I can go off of any # to change to a color, just let me know which design, petal and color. If you want a design change, we can talk about it, pass ideas and get what you really would like.

Want it to match your baby's bedding? Send me the URL of the pattern /colors, I'll make mockups to match.  I can even add some holes/ extra petals to your mobile...just ask!

I offer 21 custom colors to choose from.
Click the colors logo at the top right of every page. colorsNote: every computer sees colors slightly different. The numbers on the chart correlate with PMS (pantone chip charts). Don't see the color you would like? Maybe my
Foamobile colors would work for you.

When un on the custom colorizer page, ordering #23 is any color combination you want.  Please email me your choice of color and petal #.  No extra charge to custom colorize your mobile to match your room's decor. Mixand match... Custom designed just for you!

If you want METAL yes I can do any design or custom any design, I use aluminum and I don't usually paint the metal.... but sand and texture it, like brushing one direction, or I have done a different texture on each petal. Also available is WOOD, any design made with Birch Plywood.  See: Plymobiles

A  Complimentary  Color Wheel for examples of color combinations. Mix and match! It's true...opposites colors attract!



  Design Ideas for specific areas,
here are some example rooms
with mobiles:

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