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Modernist Mobile

Is exactly what is... a modern mobile, beautifully balanced, this mobile has many turning points of pivoting. You can see an good example of it's motions on YouTube.  This design is perfect for the Eichler home owner, rooms with lower angled flat beamed ceilings. Goes well with the 50-60's retro style furniture too.

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All mobiles and stabiles are handmade of colored plastic and stainless steel. Each mobile or stabile comes with a certificate of authenticity, catalog, hanging instructions, line and hooks.

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Small  30"Wx13"H  

US*Ship $25

Medium   36"Wx16"H  

US*Ship $28

Large  42"Wx20"H  

US*Ship $40

XLarge  49"Wx24"H 

US*Ship $45

YouTube Video: Modernist Mobile in Motion!

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