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Rolly Abstract Mobile

This mobile has been on the net from many articles, it is a Popular Science design by Rolly Crump 1954. He made set designs for Walt Disney.
Read article: /2010/03/rolly-crump-earliest-mobile-maker-and.html. I re-designed this mobile from the public domain original Rolly Crump design, but with my 'Frith' infuence and design added. A beautiful collectible mobile, with a definite history behind it. This mobile was also used in the Jerry Lewis movie "Max Rose", but sadly never came out.

All mobiles and stabiles are handmade of colored plastic and stainless steel. Each mobile or stabile comes with a certificate of authenticity, catalog, hanging instructions, line and hooks.

Rolly Abstract Mobile
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One Size   46"Wx15"H 

Video: Rolly Abstract Mobile in Motion!

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