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Taking CARE of your Mobile

How To Hang Your Mobile:
Measure twice, hang once! 

Included with every hanging mobile purchase, there is high quality (won't stretch or break) fishing line,
one "eye" ceiling hook, and 2 "S" hooks. You'll want to position the mobile in its best view. After it is hung, let it settle, change the mobile view by turning the eye hook slightly on the ceiling. Once positioned, it will move with the wind/air but always return to its original shape. You can also use a thin piano wire (purchased at a hardware store or hobby shop) that would hook to the mobile and the eyehook.  Just cut to size, bend the ends and hang.  The mobile will not spin like with the filament, but it will turn with the petals only... staying in one position, going back and forth with air currents.  Mobiles are fun to have hanging, so hang in eyes view, not too high and close to the ceiling. And not too low, especially when kids or babies are envolved!  Hang out child's reach at all times.  

Recommended for logevity
: Keep out and away from high heat, direct sun, and major wind areas.

Clean: Use Lysol Cleaner (non bleach) and a soft cotton cloth, or a used static cling sheet... believe it or not... works wonders and also keeps it static free.

hanging a mobile

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