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Modern Hanging Art Mobiles and Stabiles for Home, Office, Garden and Baby
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Julie Frith, American artist created of the mobiles and the stabiles inspired by those carried out by Alexandre Calder in the Fifties. All are carried out artisanalement and their colors are personnalisables on line. "Mobile Modern Hanging Art Sculptures for Home, Office and Baby - Custom Designed and Handmade Just for You!". The prices go from 150$ until A 1500$. Each mobile is cut out, buffed, assembled to the hand, a choice of 21 colors is offered, dimensions are adaptable to the request. Alexander Calder is an American sculptor (1898-1976). Engineer of formation, it especially carried out mobiles, assemblies of forms animated by the movements of the air, of the stabiles "the sublimation of a tree in the wind" said Marcel Duchamp.


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Mobiles by Julie Frith Mobiles by Julie Frith Mobiles by Julie Frith
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